M.S.P.A. Grant Criteria

Grants are offered by the Society for projects:

  • That will benefit agriculture practiced in Massachusetts in a manner that is both economically and environmentally sound;
  • That will broaden the knowledge of and support for farmers and farming in Massachusetts;
  • That would not be likely to receive funding from government or corporate sources, but where a grant from the Society would enhance the chances of such funding by way of matching grants;
  • That would stimulate research in new areas.

The Trustees encourage a wide range of agricultural enterprises; however, areas of current interest have often focused on sustainable agriculture, including integrated pest management, projects which directly benefit the farming community (for example, overcoming environmental problems), and projects which carry ancillary benefits, such as the preservation of farmland and open space. Other areas, which have recently received support, are unique marketing ideas and education programs designed to encourage consumer awareness of Massachusetts farm products.

The range of grants recently made is between $500 and $25,000, with a typical grant size approximately $5,000. Applicants should anticipate the usual time needed for consideration of grants to be a minimum of three months from the date of submission.

Grants are not normally awarded for fundraising campaigns, which are generally subscribed to by the public, nor does the Society usually contribute to building funds, endowments, regular budgets, or for-profit enterprises.

The Trustees remain committed to serving agriculture and insuring its future in the Commonwealth. In this regard your interest is welcomed!

Apply Now

Download the Application Form.

Download the Application Procedure Document.

Please review the application procedure document carefully before completing the form and assembling your supporting information. The pdf application form should be completed electronically and saved with your project name as the filename. If you would prefer to print it and fill it in by hand, please email us via our contact page to request a mailing address for hard copies.

If you have questions regarding your application please refer to our FAQ (list of frequently asked questions). Any other questions may be directed to us via the contact page.

There are several Web sites devoted to successful grant-writing. We’ve included some on our links page. It’s not necessary to visit these but if you’ve never written a grant proposal before they might provide some useful information.

Thank you for your interest in promoting Massachusetts agriculture.