About M.S.P.A. Grants

The Massachusetts Society for Promoting Agriculture provides grants (and, on occasion, loans and investment funding) to enterprises which, in the judgement of the Trustees of the Society, will promote agriculture in Massachusetts.

Founded in 1792, the Society has for over 200 years offered financial assistance to forward-looking individuals and enterprises committed to the cause of agriculture and agricultural land use in Massachusetts.

The Society accepts grant applications year round. Potential applicants should download an application form along with a copy of the application procedure, which describes the submission process.

Please visit the apply for a grant page for more information about M.S.P.A. grants.

A Pioneering Society…

…The M.S.P.A. was founded by concerned citizens, one of whom was Samuel Adams.

In the years following the Revolutionary War, the Commonwealth was struggling with the suspension of profitable industries, destruction of property and heavy taxation. It became evident to the founders that the only present and available wealth lay in agriculture, the primary source of all wealth.

They sought to promote the study and improvement of agriculture by giving "handsome premiums to the men of enterprise who have by their inquiries made useful discoveries and communicated them to the public." (Petition for Incorporation, March 1792).

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